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Arwen Evenstar (Elven) Makeup Dupes for the Cosplayer on a Budget

This is the blog post nobody asked for, but I needed.  So, I’m putting my 6+ hours of research to use by pounding out a much-needed blog post (that is not on a topic themed to my blog AT ALL, but YOLO). I have been fighting a severe bout of tendinitis.  Since I was laid…… Continue reading Arwen Evenstar (Elven) Makeup Dupes for the Cosplayer on a Budget

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Freshman Year of College: Before You Go

I am a college student.  I’ve been there.  I’ve done that whole Freshman year. Been there.  Done that. I am here to tell you that it will not be easy. But, I can give you some tips that helped me (or I learned later and have since applied to my life). De-clutter your life. Get…… Continue reading Freshman Year of College: Before You Go

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i have a crisis coming up

I am going to be turning 20 in a little over a month. I don’t know what to do.  I mean, I have all of these goals.  All of these dreams that I haven’t accomplished yet.  It is terrifying to look down and realize that there is this precipice that I am standing upon. What…… Continue reading i have a crisis coming up


College Tip: Dorm Room

The dorm life is, perhaps, the #1 factor to how happy you are at school.  Your relationship with the other people on your floor, as well as the organization of your room, and what activities take place in your room are key to your happiness and contentedness at your college. It is very important to…… Continue reading College Tip: Dorm Room

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Budgeting for College (Food Edition)

Now, I have this horrible thing that I like to call almost-anorexia.  Some days, if my friends or I am not paying attention, I will not eat a thing.  Other days, I’m fine. As someone who dealt with an eating disorder for close to two years, food is a rather touchy subject for me and,…… Continue reading Budgeting for College (Food Edition)

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Budgeting Yourself for College (Fashion Edition)

The goal for fashion whether you are in college or not is to spend the least amount and have the most versatility. You will find the picture here. Unfortunately, some of the items listed below are not in the picture due to time and data restraints. Let’s talk about fashion. There are hundreds of different…… Continue reading Budgeting Yourself for College (Fashion Edition)

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How Not to Feel Overwhelmed at College

College is stressful to say the least. You have class, homework, social stuff, parties, friends, sleep, fashion, books, me time, exercise… A lot of Freshman (and even those Sophmore’s – don’t let them fool you) don’t have this figured out which is why there is such a high drop-out rate in freshman.  My freshman class…… Continue reading How Not to Feel Overwhelmed at College