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On Writing: Fanfiction

Fan fiction in any form can be entertaining. Some people use it to hone their own skills (be they writing, drawing, digital art, comics strips, voice acting, etc) others use it as a form of immersion.  Personally, fan fiction is a fine instrument that, when used correctly, has an infinite amount of potential. The difficulty…… Continue reading On Writing: Fanfiction

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Cosplaying for Something Bigger than Conventions: Children’s Hospitals

Kids in hospitals cannot leave for much of any length of time. This really affects them emotionally.  I mean, imagine being stuck in a cell where so few people can visit you and you cannot do much of anything activity-wise. I was approached about three years ago when I first cosplayed as a Genderbend of…… Continue reading Cosplaying for Something Bigger than Conventions: Children’s Hospitals


Power of Positivity (The Meditations)

I’m sitting in my bed, listening to “Stand By Me” by Otis Redding, and contemplating my life (as so often happens when I’ve had a bad attitude last for more than a couple days). As comes with any extended period of self-reflection, I realized a lot about myself. ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I have had…… Continue reading Power of Positivity (The Meditations)

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Self-Harm (The Meditations)

“If you didn’t cut in high school, you didn’t suffer through high school.” If I had a penny for the times I have heard the argument that drug use or the abuse of alcohol or cutting are the only forms of self-harm I would have enough money to pay for my book addiction. I was…… Continue reading Self-Harm (The Meditations)

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“The Beach Body” Time of Year… Again

Starting right about now, everyone starts talking about getting that “beach body.” This is rough on someone like me who really enjoys drawing and watching netflix (and pringles… and popcorn…) and also laments the fact that I don’t have a six-pack.  There are any number of pills, wraps, and fad diets that promise fast results.…… Continue reading “The Beach Body” Time of Year… Again