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The Heroes We Need

All image credit goes to the creators of the respective films or franchises that own them! Wonder Woman is owned by Detective Comics.  Doctor Who is owned by the BBC. Respective Game of Thrones characters are owned by HBO and George R. R. Martin. The Wonder Woman: Dawn of Justice movie was everything I could…… Continue reading The Heroes We Need

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Self-Care (The Meditations)

Self-care is, probably, the worst of my habits – or, rather, the lack of self-care is the worst of my habits.  I eat moderately well, wash my face, brush my teeth, do a little bit of make up, stretch, and try to reach 12,000 steps every day. I buy new clothes every now and then,…… Continue reading Self-Care (The Meditations)

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I just signed up for Ipsy Glam Bag and I don’t know what life is anymore

My grandmother gave me some money to get myself an Ipsy subscription (link opens up a new page) for a couple months.  I was excited at first, but never finished signing up. Five months later… I’ve finished signing up. I do not know what to do with my life, now!

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Best Music Apps Available

Like most people, I like to listen to music while I am out and about.  As I walk everywhere, that is actually a lot of air time.  Music is expensive, nowadays.  A month’s subscription to Spotify is $9.99 which is a bit crazy, but you can listen offline.  However, Spotify, like Pandora, has very limited…… Continue reading Best Music Apps Available

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Textbooks…Oh, How I Hate Thee

Textbooks are the bane of everyone’s existence.  They are bulky, they cost too much, and are, generally, difficult to read.  Usually, after spending $400 on a textbook, the professor will only have us open it once or twice during the semester. I spent close to $3000 on textbooks my first two years at school.  Which,…… Continue reading Textbooks…Oh, How I Hate Thee

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Adulting is Hard: Apartment

In the spring of 2016, I knew I needed out of the place I was currently in.  The landlord was terrible (he cheated my old roommate and I out of close to $350) and I am not the best roommate. I need to clarify that.  I’m not the best roommate for one reason and one…… Continue reading Adulting is Hard: Apartment

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A Conversation You Should Have With Your Significant Other

I am on a social app for women to anonymously talk about their bodies and such without male presence/awkwardness of face-to-face.  It is a very nice app, we have a sweet community!  Everyone is a precious little cupcake and it is just so nice! There is a section on the forums where girls (mostly young…… Continue reading A Conversation You Should Have With Your Significant Other