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The Heroes We Need

All image credit goes to the creators of the respective films or franchises that own them! Wonder Woman is owned by Detective Comics.  Doctor Who is owned by the BBC. Respective Game of Thrones characters are owned by HBO and George R. R. Martin. The Wonder Woman: Dawn of Justice movie was everything I could…… Continue reading The Heroes We Need

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Financial Assistance Needed!

I have attended several charity events as a costumed character for several years, now!  As I recently have picked up several more hours worth of volunteer activities, I have lost some income from my job… which makes these trips even more expensive. It would mean a whole lot if you, my friends and readers could…… Continue reading Financial Assistance Needed!

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On Writing: Fanfiction

Fan fiction in any form can be entertaining. Some people use it to hone their own skills (be they writing, drawing, digital art, comics strips, voice acting, etc) others use it as a form of immersion.  Personally, fan fiction is a fine instrument that, when used correctly, has an infinite amount of potential. The difficulty…… Continue reading On Writing: Fanfiction

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A Conversation You Should Have With Your Significant Other

I am on a social app for women to anonymously talk about their bodies and such without male presence/awkwardness of face-to-face.  It is a very nice app, we have a sweet community!  Everyone is a precious little cupcake and it is just so nice! There is a section on the forums where girls (mostly young…… Continue reading A Conversation You Should Have With Your Significant Other

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My Christmas Reading List

Despite the fact that as soon as Christmas is over, I am going to be wholeheartedly focussed on revamping my blog (tying it in with my tumblr, instagram, pinterest, youtube – as well as giving it a new look)… no Christmas is complete without at least a little bit of reading *wink, wink.* I know,…… Continue reading My Christmas Reading List

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This Blogger on Romance

I am a bitter romance reader.  Not that I do not enjoy a good romance….  It just has to be good.  And, good romances are very difficult to find.  Pride and Prejudice has issues, but is, I believe, one of the better romance novels out there. (Sorry, but Sense and Sensibility , Cyrano de Bergerac, and The Eragon are my…… Continue reading This Blogger on Romance

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Day 1 of Giving up Facebook’s Mobile App

Yesterday, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I have found I spend way too much time on facebook anyway, but that the mobile app enables me to spend even more time… wasting my time. So far, I have still picked up my phone more than 6 times (the habit is a time-waster) with…… Continue reading Day 1 of Giving up Facebook’s Mobile App