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Financial Assistance Needed!

I have attended several charity events as a costumed character for several years, now!  As I recently have picked up several more hours worth of volunteer activities, I have lost some income from my job… which makes these trips even more expensive. It would mean a whole lot if you, my friends and readers could…… Continue reading Financial Assistance Needed!

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Self-Harm (The Meditations)

“If you didn’t cut in high school, you didn’t suffer through high school.” If I had a penny for the times I have heard the argument that drug use or the abuse of alcohol or cutting are the only forms of self-harm I would have enough money to pay for my book addiction. I was…… Continue reading Self-Harm (The Meditations)

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Strength and Inspiration (The Meditations)

We all have that one book.  That book that took us from one thing and changed us into something else.   That book that took the broken pieces and put them right.  Sometimes it is directly the story inside the book.  Sometimes it is just the first book you picked up after something terrible. I searched…… Continue reading Strength and Inspiration (The Meditations)

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A Conversation You Should Have With Your Significant Other

I am on a social app for women to anonymously talk about their bodies and such without male presence/awkwardness of face-to-face.  It is a very nice app, we have a sweet community!  Everyone is a precious little cupcake and it is just so nice! There is a section on the forums where girls (mostly young…… Continue reading A Conversation You Should Have With Your Significant Other

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Spinning Wheels

Maybe it is the New Year.  Maybe 2016 was such a flaming pile of shit for me that where I am just feels like backsliding.  Actually, I’m not even moving.  I’m not getting better, not becoming a more whole, more fun person.  No betterment is happening where I am at currently. I mean, I just…… Continue reading Spinning Wheels

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Color Me Carrie

As a young child, I was awkward.  Not at all like any of the princesses or any of the other girls who were dainty and ladylike.  I was too tall, too thin, too athletic, too smart, too interested in “strange” things.  I remember being very young and hating how I looked and how my behavior…… Continue reading Color Me Carrie

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My Christmas Reading List

Despite the fact that as soon as Christmas is over, I am going to be wholeheartedly focussed on revamping my blog (tying it in with my tumblr, instagram, pinterest, youtube – as well as giving it a new look)… no Christmas is complete without at least a little bit of reading *wink, wink.* I know,…… Continue reading My Christmas Reading List