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The Heroes We Need

All image credit goes to the creators of the respective films or franchises that own them! Wonder Woman is owned by Detective Comics.  Doctor Who is owned by the BBC. Respective Game of Thrones characters are owned by HBO and George R. R. Martin. The Wonder Woman: Dawn of Justice movie was everything I could…… Continue reading The Heroes We Need

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Women, Fashion, and the Economy

Fashion is something that every woman (and, now, practically every man, too) is seemingly and expert in.  Your great Aunt Nancy knows exactly what Princess Kate wore on Tuesday and your Grandmother knows whats up with the mixing of leather and lace. While this is, seemingly, a good thing, it also has some pretty serious…… Continue reading Women, Fashion, and the Economy

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No one said that it was a bad thing to not have your life together. In fact, I find people who have their life together to be boring. Where is the excitement in being completely organized? To the chagrin of my mother, I’ve never been someone who has been organized.  Well, organized in the way…… Continue reading

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i despise being put into a niche

people have been telling me lately how hipster i am This has been happening for a while. “You practically are a hipster – look, you dress that way already.” “What do you mean hipsters are weird, aren’t you one?” “So, people who aren’t hipsters listen to that?” “You’re totally hipster, man, I love it!” Honestly,…… Continue reading i despise being put into a niche

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MARVEL movies have some aspects that I don’t like… such as those awful Toby McGuire SPIDERMAN films (the first one wasn’t that bad, but the rest were…ick), the lack of Carol Danvers in the second Captain America film (or ULTRON either, the ending the IRON MAN 3… basically the whole plot of IRON MAN 3,…… Continue reading AN OPEN LETTER TO NERDS (not just MARVEL ones)

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Budgeting for College (Food Edition)

Now, I have this horrible thing that I like to call almost-anorexia.  Some days, if my friends or I am not paying attention, I will not eat a thing.  Other days, I’m fine. As someone who dealt with an eating disorder for close to two years, food is a rather touchy subject for me and,…… Continue reading Budgeting for College (Food Edition)

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Budgeting Yourself for College (Fashion Edition)

The goal for fashion whether you are in college or not is to spend the least amount and have the most versatility. You will find the picture here. Unfortunately, some of the items listed below are not in the picture due to time and data restraints. Let’s talk about fashion. There are hundreds of different…… Continue reading Budgeting Yourself for College (Fashion Edition)