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Financial Assistance Needed!

I have attended several charity events as a costumed character for several years, now!  As I recently have picked up several more hours worth of volunteer activities, I have lost some income from my job… which makes these trips even more expensive. It would mean a whole lot if you, my friends and readers could…… Continue reading Financial Assistance Needed!


Beautiful Thoughts

She stood, her hands at her sides, people passing her by on their individual tasks.  Her long, faded red hair was thrown back over her shoulders as she peered at the bookshelf in front of her.  Notebooks: a simple, taken-for-granted piece of everyday life that had been slowly replaced by smartphones and tablets were a…… Continue reading Beautiful Thoughts


The Meditations: On Direction

I am sitting here; at my once-pristine-but-now-stained-and-splattered-with-the-remnants-of-artistic-adventures desk, and contemplating life (as I am wont to do on such rainy days as this). By living my life just a bit more socially (as well as online) than I have since Papa passed away I have come to the stark realization that I’m stuck.  I look…… Continue reading The Meditations: On Direction