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Christmas Thoughts

I always like to look at Christmas as the time of year to start anew.

There are all these thoughts floating through my head about all these different projects I would like to start (some I need to finish): getting a t-shirt line going on redbubble and society6, starting a YouTube channel for bookish (nerdy) and lifestyle nonsense, getting a blog series going, getting my Instagram cleaned out and restarted… this list goes on and on.

Thing is, I keep getting held back by the thoughts that, while I have been doing this social media nonsense for a while (and not very well)  I do not seem to have the numbers to show for it.  Perhaps, when I get this stuff started (and finished) the numbers start to show.

And, yes, I know that it is not in the numbers, it is in the friends one makes throughout this process, but I cannot seem to find and keep any decent ones that are not just out for a follow-for-follow.

There is just so. much. content. out there.

Everyone is a creator.  There are so many fantastic accounts out there that I spend whole DAYS watching or reading to catch up.

Trying to create something that stands out (without loss of self) is, frankly, a route to insanity.



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