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The Unending Battle to Become Perfect

If there was a graph out there that had the fluctuations of how often pixie cuts came back into style, I would probably post it here, but I could not find one to prove my point.

American culture (especially the one that exists online) is OB-freaking-SESSED with looking perfect.

If you have ever noticed, whatever this “perfect” is, is never really defined.  For some, it is a certain filter overtop of their messy room with them snuggled up with a dog or cat, some have no-faceshots of just their hair and an outfit over an impossibly thin body.

Basically, it changes so much so often it is impossible to keep up with.

It is something I see a lot of – not just as a personal stylist, but as a blogger, friend, and cosplayer – this obsession with looking “beautiful” or “thin” or to have hair that applies to whatever it is that the trend is at that time.

I hear “if only I was thinner” a lot more than I hear “I look great in this!” I hear “I wish I had fewer wrinkles” more than I hear “My face scrunches when I smile and its awesome!”

It’s the little voice in my head that counts every calorie I eat and tells me I can’t wear certain costumes or certain outfits. The little voice that says I shouldn’t laugh so loud. The little voice that tells me each of my flaws.  The voice that tells me I’m not deserving of love because of the fat that settles in my stomach and around my shoulders.  The voice that tells me that the way I talk is too childish, too excited, too teenager-y.

I’m tired of seeing people getting down on themselves because of these ridiculous standards that change every three months… or two days… or hours or whatever.

Diets change, trends come and go, so do workouts and hairstyles.

Be you. Enjoy being you.

Don’t do anything for the likes or for the attention you might receive.

True happiness comes from inside, your confidence comes from inside. Anything that comes from the outside is fleeting.

Sure, people like to drag others down (such as some comments I, personally, have received) but that negativity can either instill a desire to better yourself or to sink to their level.

Sticks and stones don’t hurt if you don’t think of them. But, the sticks and stones that hurt the worst are the ones you throw at yourself.

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