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Arwen Evenstar (Elven) Makeup Dupes for the Cosplayer on a Budget

This is the blog post nobody asked for, but I needed.  So, I’m putting my 6+ hours of research to use by pounding out a much-needed blog post (that is not on a topic themed to my blog AT ALL, but YOLO).

I have been fighting a severe bout of tendinitis.  Since I was laid up for nearly five days, I watched a lot of Hulu and Netflix (Lucifer is, like, my new favorite show).  I also had a lot of free time to browse the internet or annoy my friends/followers via SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook….

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 4.20.30 PMOn one of these late-night conversations, my one of my XMen cosplay partners suggested a new cosplay: LOTR or, more specifically: Arwen, daughter of Lord Elrond.

Ah, Lord of the Rings, the great obsession of my high school years.

There is no nerddom that brings me more joy than LOTR: that includes books, movies, soundtrack, home decor… and costumes.  Lord of the Rings was my introduction to the fantasy genre that I had not asked for and did not know I needed.

I did Dark Galadriel years ago for a con, but I just did not care for how I looked ( I made the dress from a Salvation Army Wedding dress and the top of a silver prom dress).

As i have been getting ready to start making this costume, I realize that I do not have something very vital to this cosplay – decent makeup.  I searched and searched for tutorials, but none were accurate enough to the movies (to my liking, anyway)… anyway, who wants to spend $35 on one tiny eyeshadow?

Without further ado: here is the budgeted list of makeup for Arwen:

  1. NYX nude eyeshadow in LAP DANCE – $4.30
  2. A darker shade of the same for the crease
  3. TAUPE eyeliner – $6.00 Maybelline
  4. L’Oreal Lengthening Mascara – $7.50
  5. Smashbox Radiance Travel Primer – $19.00 or ELF primer – $6.00
  6. Matte Foundation of your choice (BB cream is my choice) – $6.00-infinity$$
  7. L’Oreal SOFT ROSE Mineral Blush – $8.00-$12.70
  8. ELF HIGHLIGHTER – $4.00
  9. Clinique BLACK HONEY – $17.50
    1. I know, not budget at all… here are some other options that are SIMILAR, but not as close:
      1. Rock Candy Lip Plumper PINK – $9.00
      2. L’Oreal nude lip liner


Here’s to hoping this helps you in some small way!

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