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September Mornings – Journal Post

The air is so clean this morning.

As I write this, it refuses to blow through the open windows of my apartment and I am dreading my eight hours inside the retail store where I work.  I love my job, but I also miss early September mornings: the smell of things ending and new beginnings just setting into hibernation.

Summer isn’t over, but I wish it were.

I have been struggling recently with money – not that I do not have enough to live off of, but the lack of money to go out of my way and do things that I love.  As much as I would love to go out and trail hop these mornings away, I can’t afford to miss work.  I miss childhood.

I miss being able to sit for hours and read a good book.  I miss not being able to ignore the clock and not worry about having to be up on time (or be somewhere on time).

I miss not worrying about being able to make the two hour drive up to Rapid to participate in the events I love to do.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 9.25.47 AMThing is, I feel as if I were built for “the write life.”  Go out, seek inspiration, come back, write.  Go out, take photos, come back, edit, write.  Writing is something that comes so naturally to me, I wonder how much enjoyment I am missing by this “adulting” thing.

Self-employment is looking more and more like my calling.  Perhaps, it is not a calling and I just like taking my time with things – I probably will never know.

(This turned into a journal entry, my apologies!)

My hands are extremely glittery and metallic right now (must be a vampire thing).  I wonder how on earth I broke a highlighter and which one I broke.  Granted, I am going to look fabulous when I show up for work since this stuff wouldn’t budge if you soaked it in bleach (I have not tried, bless!).

I hope you all have a beautiful, wonderful, September day!


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