For the Fourth, In Honor of what Used to be the United States of America

I usually refrain from posting about political issues.

I am a midwestern twenty-something; neither Liberal or Conservative (I like to think of myself as a happy medium); Christian (I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died so that every man, woman, and child is equal); with a slightly obsessive interest in nerddom.

I have never pushed my religion on anyone. I have never attacked those with different political views than myself.

If I’ve never done anything to you, why post something that might appear to personally attack/hurt me? Because my beliefs are different?

This country was founded by and for people that have different ideas. It was to help develop a strong country that was unlike any other country before it. By persecuting or trying to silence those with different views than yourself, does that not make you just as bad as those you claim to despise? And, so, why hate something that is different? Why would someone disagreeing with you launch you into a mindset of hatred?

Every person has value. Every person has a purpose. Every opinion helps us better understand the world around us.

We need to stop hating each other. We need to stop putting value only on those who agree with us. We need to understand that we do not see what others are going through.

Yes, there are extremists, but realize that there are extremists on every side. Do not lump people into a category. Some of these things I have been seeing, are alienating someone in the middle who might agree with the poster about something. Frankly, there should be no “side.” We should all strive for the best world for everyone.

It all comes down to: treat others how you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes.



I am a die-hard Captain America fan.
Why? Not just because he is the Star Spangled Man with a Plan and an adorable cinnamon roll…. Because, through all his faults, he knows what’s right and pushes forward through insurmountable odds. He saw what he thought was right and lost friends over it, but he stuck to his guns and kept going. He fights, not for himself or his image, for those who cannot fight for themselves. Violence is never his first option.
To be frank, I think Captain America is what America was back in the day. We’ve changed as a country – not for the better. It is going to take some serious prayer and some tears to get this country back to its former glory.


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