Light in the Dark

Something I did not know I needed until I read it….

The life and mind of a pseudo functional psychotic

Hey you, yes you there.

I see you

You keep it dark here but I understand

It’s supposed to be a reflection

I can see you

The real you, not the mirror image

Your mirror you hides behind blankness

Blank canvas, blank page, blank script, Empty scales

Blank mind, empty soul

I understand it. You need to start from somewhere.

I just want you to know, I’m here.

Watching, waiting, hoping, loving

There aren’t many that notice your light on.

Not the light you shine to work the dark night hours

The light that blazes in your heart and soul

That light that you use to fill the blankness

The light that was born of a need

A need to light the mirror and show the world

Show the world that we are alive

I see you

Flickers from your light scare me

because i see them too

It’s the…

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