Power of Positivity (The Meditations)

I’m sitting in my bed, listening to “Stand By Me” by Otis Redding, and contemplating my life (as so often happens when I’ve had a bad attitude last for more than a couple days). As comes with any extended period of self-reflection, I realized a lot about myself.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.51.29 AM.pngON A PERSONAL NOTE: I have had a rough, rough week.  Anything and everything that could have gone wrong… went wrong.  My job has been getting more and more stressful as a certain coworker has been making my life a living hell (ugh).  There is just so much that could be going right and I’m stuck in this small town waiting for a graduation announcement email.

As a moderately positive person, I attract a lot of negative people (something that I have yet to figure out).  There is just something about positive energy that calls out to be stifled by evil things.  Positivity is one of the only forces of good available in this world anymore.  Positivity is very contagious, but easily killed.

Unless, you know, you’re strong and do not wear your heart on your sleeve.

= me.

Positivity is both very hard to maintain and easy to keep up as far as appearances go.  Do not give up, though!  There is so little out there!


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