You’ve Been Poisoned

Valentine’s Day… the one holiday that so severely reminds me of the lack of true romance in today’s day and age….

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day I started seeing more and more articles with the same general theme “Signs to Tell if He’s Really Into You.” Let me break this down for you:

If he’s into you… a real manwill tell you.

End. Of. Story.

Guys are pretty dumb… in fact… so dumb that they really can’t play games (oooooooh, how some of them try). They just can’t. It is impossible. Laughable, in point of fact. And the ones that want to play games…it should be pretty obvious that they should not be worth your time.

But, again, how do you tell if a guy is worth your time?

It all depends on your love language. Personally, I need a hug every now and again (meaning every day) and a text every day telling me how much he cares. I need to take care of someone. To love someone. You could say I am a ride or die type person, but my purpose is love people. I just love people. With all the work I spend on people I need that verbal affirmation that they care.  Other people are less needy – others even more so.

It all depends on what works for you.  The minute it becomes not worth it, leave.

Be okay with being alone.

Valentine’s Day – this time of year – teaches us that we can’t be alone if we plan on being happy.  I mean, I’m in a relationship and perfectly okay with the fact that I watched Watchmen and R.E.D. while eating pizza and brownies alone in my apartment for Valentine’s Day – even though nothing changed from when I was single to now.

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