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Aspects Getting Old in YA Novels

  • Stakes. One of the most disappointing things abut YA fiction is that the stakes are always too high or too low.  Destruction of the universe or love lost forever?  If I had to pick, I’d choose destruction of the universe for plot, but whatever happened to smaller, more complex stuff?
  • Romance.  Love triangles are getting really old, man.  I hate romance in literature with a searing passion, anyway, so this comes as little surprise.  Let’s have us some zero romance plots, please!  (But, hey!  A plot that is centered around… say, a super villain and superhero whose alter-egos are in love with each other would totally be fine with me!)
  • Villains.  Let’s have… oh… I don’t even know how to fix the villains category.  Maybe more than one well-developed villain… maybe two… or three?

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