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Self-Care (The Meditations)

Self-care is, probably, the worst of my habits – or, rather, the lack of self-care is the worst of my habits.  I eat moderately well, wash my face, brush my teeth, do a little bit of make up, stretch, and try to reach 12,000 steps every day. I buy new clothes every now and then, work out once a week. I update my Facebook and Instagram daily.  Journalling is something I fail miserably at, but still attempt (even though I hate myself when I miss a day or week or month).

Perhaps, if you are reading this, you are looking for some inspiration or you want someone to keep you accountable… shoot me a comment and let’s do this!

I decided at the beginning of the year I would start doing these things: minimalism, living with intention, becoming more confident, getting deeper, a better conversationalist, and being healthier.  I am one of those people who puts everyone else’s happiness first and then my own – I have always been that way and it is a bit exhausting.  Taking care of myself has always been at the bottom of the list.

Having never really been a hoarder (and having friends who often refer to me as a “minimalist”), I started actually trying minimalism.  So far, I have taken about half of the things that are not essential to my day-to-day living and those things that do not make me happy out of my life.  I feel as if this weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

“The intention of voluntary simplicity is not to dogmatically live with less. It’s a more demanding intention of living with balance. This is a middle way that moves between the extremes of poverty and indulgence.”

~~Duane Elgen

There are all sorts of pinterest challenges to living with minimalism, but the general idea is to rid your life of anything that is not useful and does not make you happy.

Living with intention is one of the most difficult of the most difficult of these things.  It is, to me, the process of living with intention is taking every moment and living it effectively.  Now, that means when I take time to read, that is the only thing I am doing.  Part of this “living with intention” thing is take time every day to: yoga, blogging, researching a new thing every day, new makeup style, reading for an hour and a half, photography, homework, cleaning, meditating, talking to a loved one, creating a happiness list, and walking.  I have no room for negativity.  

Every day, every week, and every month I have certain goals to better myself personally, soulfully, and physically.

For as long as I can remember, I have never been very confident about anything other than my physical strength (I have always been a moderately active person), my knowledge of literature and history, and the fact I can make friends pretty easily/have an excellent workplace attitude (I got these from my mother).  Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 1.43.26 PM.png

In December, I decided to start learning a new language.  Pep talks and power poses (mine are the Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel power poses). Taking more time for my physical appearance falls under this category as my weight has always been a factor for my self-hatred. I subscribed to the monthly Ipsy Glam Bag to sort of get myself to try some new things!  To strengthen and center my emotional, physical, and spiritual side, I am implementing meditation and yoga into my daily routine.  Daily writing and reading to strengthen my skills and knowledge also falls under the confidence category.  Turning my phone on silent during these times is also something I am trying to do to increase my patience levels and to decrease that overwhelming desire to constantly compare myself to others.

It is going to be a process to make these things habits.  It will be worth it in the end.

What about you?  Trying anything new?  Wanted to change certain things?

Love y’all,


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