What Jesus Didn’t Ask –A Letter To The Girls Next To Me At The Gym


I went to the gym the other day and to my dismay, my headphones were not working.

“Whatever, I got myself this far–I’ll make the best of it.”

I go to my frienemy, the StairMaster, to begin contemplating my decision to go the gym for about 30 minutes.

Two bubbly, high pony-tail girls got on the StairMasters next to me. They began to talk and my nosy self couldn’t help but listen. I mean what’s a girl going to do when she can’t listen to her Taylor Swift Pandora?

Their conversation went something like this (note names have been changed).

“Oh my goodness so Amanda got so drunk she hooked up with Brad. And THEN she had the nerve to show up at church the next day. Haha nice try. You are not fooling anyone.”


My bad.

Did I miss something where Jesus said, “hey before you enter…

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