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Textbooks…Oh, How I Hate Thee

Textbooks are the bane of everyone’s existence.  They are bulky, they cost too much, and are, generally, difficult to read.  Usually, after spending $400 on a textbook, the professor will only have us open it once or twice during the semester.

I spent close to $3000 on textbooks my first two years at school.  Which, of course, is a lot of money, but that is why there are special loans available now for textbooks.

One of my professors actually told her class why that is: teachers get a certain amount of money per textbook they sell to students or through the college.

The first place I look for textbooks is ThriftBooks…free shipping!  However, they do not have a lot of newer textbooks – one has to wait a year or two to get that specific book.  That is not good when your grade gets docked for not having the edition the syllabus says to have.  Usually these textbooks aren’t in the best of conditions, but they work!

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Here’s another link for you to try if the above one does not work: Shop Amazon – Used Textbooks – Save up to 90%!!

I do not provide links that are corrupted or lead to spam or other such monstrosities.

Have a great semester!!


2 thoughts on “Textbooks…Oh, How I Hate Thee

  1. (which is owned by ebay) is another great place to buy textbooks. They have a fixed shipping cost like Amazon does. Sometimes you can find really good deals.

    If you are looking to sell your textbooks then this is definitely the place to go. There’s no list fee and they just take a small commission based on the sell price, and you get reimbursed your cost of shipping.


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