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Been Re-Watching”The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (the original) is one of my favorite crime dramas/murder mysteries.  There is just so much to it – a decades-old crime that ends up being much, much more.  I bought the boxed book set when a very excited bookstore employee came running up to tell me that there had been a pricing error and to take advantage of it.  The book set would have been $70 dollars with my discount, but it had been (mistakenly) priced at $20 – with my discount, it ended up being $16 for all three books in beautiful hardcover.

These are the complaints a Goodreads reviewer brought up about the books:

1. It’s misogynistic.
2. It’s packed with cliché.
3. It’s too convoluted.
4. It’s too disturbing.
5. Lisbeth wasn’t autistic enough or was foolishly autistic.
6. There were too many red herrings, and the damn Nazi red herring didn’t have the usual payoff.
7. Too/Two many plots.

I have not read the books yet, but I have spoken with many people who have read the books and have seen all the movies.

Yes, there is a lot of misogynism.  But, let’s be honest… considering the characters and the plot… there is going to be a lot of misogyny.  Our main guy, though, is not a bad guy.  He cares about everyone and is doing the best he can.  Not everyone is a superhero.

I would not say there is much cliche because, the time period that the crime/s took place was filled with cliche.  I mean, yeah, in those cases there would be very limited variations in order to make a very neat, non-cliche crime.  There are red herrings, but that is life.

As far as the movie goes, it is a bit convoluted. There are a lot of plots.  But, investigators have their own problems that, occasionally, bleed into how they investigate.  And, sometimes, the leads (which can be their own stories) end up being false.  However, everything ties together at the end.

As far as people saying that Lisbeth was not autistic enough – that needs to stop.  There is no “right” way to be autistic.  There is a massive spectrum.

Anyway, have fun!


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