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The Cost of Literature Today

I walked away from BAM (Books And More) having spent just a little under $80. Six books. Two on sale, but I still saved $17 from my discount. WHOA NELLY.

That is a lot of dough. As a blogger who does not make money from her posts, who works two part-time jobs, has rent and electric and water to pay for, and is taking 18 hours of college credits… this cost is INSANE to me.

Before I started book blogging, I would make my book purchases from and that was a good choice because (sometimes) when a book would be $25 at Barnes and Noble, it would be $10 or less on thirftbooks! However, the books always came with ugly stickers that make pretty photography impossible.

And, boy do I like my pretty books. As a designer, I often will not pick up a book because it does not look pretty or is damaged (I am as SHALLOW AS A DUCK POND IN A DROUGHT). I like to be surrounded by pretty things and thriftbooks (bless them) do not do well with keeping books Vogue cover worthy.

(I am trying to get them to offer discounts to my readers, but I do not have a steady enough base of readers yet. That was the first question they asked: How many readers do you have on average? Well, um, like… 12? Them: Come back when you have more.)

I… may have… just ordered ten books from thriftbooks whilst writing this post…. Ten books that would have cost me over $100 anywhere else cost me $27.90 on!!!

As a writer (good lord, what am I doing blogging when I should be writing the next chapter), I understand why books have to be expensive. I understand that, I feel it, but jeeeez…. I am poor and, while that is ok, it makes the reading and gathering of books pretty hard to do.

I live in a small town, so the library has a limited variety of books to choose from. Since my focus is YA fiction and adult fantasy and science fiction, a small town with twelve churches is not the best place to do the searchings for the Next Great Quest.

So, the library is out.

Amazon does not give me instant gratification and there is no second-hand book store.

What are your problems with the cost of books?

2 thoughts on “The Cost of Literature Today

  1. Ahh, I do hear you! I generally library my books and rely on library sales because #BROKE.😜 And I’m lucky to have a job freelance blogging where I get paid in book vouchers so that definitely helps *nods* And as a writer too, I DO think books are a good price because we need to pay our artists!! But it is hard sometimes when you just don’t have the money to buy as many books as you’d like right?! I also like using the library!! It’s handy if you like audiobooks and ebooks. 😀


    1. I actually got into an argument with a fellow student in my finance class a couple years ago. She kept saying that the cost of books is insane and that authors don’t need to make as much as they do anyway. Ugh, it irritated me! Similar situation just happened a few days ago… so…. I have never heard of it before, but will check it out!


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