I look back on a toxic friendship I was in and think, “That was actually not a waste of time.”
I mentioned this to one of the girls I mentor after she told me about some of the drama that followed after she cut a toxic person from her life.
She looked at me like I was crazy, “What? All that time, all those memories mean nothing now. How could it not be a waste of time?”
Then, I told her, “Most of those memories were fun, weren’t they? You had a blast! Until you realized that certain traits of hers were not healthy. But, sometimes, the problem doesn’t lie with them. It’s no wholeheartedly you, either.”
I’ve been in several toxic friendships and, with each one, I’ve come to realize that the problem is that we grow up and realize that sometimes certain people bring out the worst in us.
And we can bring out the worst in them.

One thought on “Toxic

  1. This is the whole “greater than the sum of your parts” thing, isn’t it. Myself and a close friend are often accused of being like naughty children if in each other’s company.


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