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Evil comes into the World in pairs

I’m glad that people my age are interested in this election, but let’s stop with the hate. I am so proud of you all, seriously. It used to be so rare to see and hear kids talking about politics.

I don’t like Hillary (literally, guys, she is a criminal… she has a record… she is being investigated for TERRIBLE crimes, yet, by some miracle has avoided jail time), but I can’t stand Trump’s arrogant, bullying, mysoganistic… ass.

I don’t want either of them.

She needs jail time and he needs a sanitorium.

There is always a third option, but our system is so corrupt that even if over 75% of the population voted third party, Hilary or Trump would win.

So stop hating. Stop being angry.

And realize that the problem is Congress (and our media), not the President (and the people who live in this country).

C. S. Lewis once said that evil comes into the world is pairs. That it is our duty to seek the third option that is good.

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