To EVERYONE Who Cares About This Bathroom Debate

I have been praying so fervently about this…. God has been telling me that what I have been through is so I could use my voice to speak for those who cannot or will not.
And, this is how I understand what He is telling me to say…
Stop telling people that what they believe is wrong.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
Please be respectful of not only what others believe, but what possible TRAUMA others may have been through.
In this situation, I feel the minority that I fit into is being blatantly disrespected – and I DO DO DO DO understand that the other two sides feel EXACTLY the same.
BUT it hurts my heart SO MUCH to see all the hate both sides are bringing to the table.
I have GOOD friends (awesome, amazing, fantastic humans) on two sides of this.
If we could all just sit down and, instead of being angry or hurt, just listen.
I, for one, know that if all situations could be approached like this, so much good would get done. So much love would be spread by that.
Let’s try to make people feel welcomed to voice their opinions… instead of silenced. Let us join together to find alternatives.
PLEASE stop trying to silence people – even if you feel they are wrong.
I love all of you so very much. There is no possible way for me to describe how hurt I feel because of this situation.
A CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN Who Actually Does Not Care Because I PREFER NOT TO USE Public Restrooms ANYWAY…
Ew… Germs and Bacteria, Man.

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