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A Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

I am a huge superhero fan.  Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, the Riddler, Electra, Spiderman….I can go on and on.

But, in my year working at a local movie theater, I have never heard so many bad things about a film as there were about Batman vs. Superman.  In fact, in my whole time on the internet I have never seen a movie as hated on by critics as Batman vs. Superman.

However, I saw very little wrong with the film.

Bad way to start a review, right?

I promise I’m being objective.

So, me – a person who just blogs and youtubes for fun – and going to give you a nerdy girl’s honest review of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman.

-Perry White, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

It is clear from the beginning of the film that they are setting up for the Justice League Part 1.

And the beginning is something that, as a writer, reader, and viewer hates: a dream sequence.  And not just any dream sequence… a dream sequence that does not make much sense until the next dream sequence.


There is a lot of action and the movie does not take many breaks from the high-speed dialogue and fight scenes.  However, there are many scenes that could have been cut down or even removed entirely.

I blame this on Christopher Nolan (he was one of the producers of the film).

Even with all the action, it did not once feel like a Michael Bay film – which, in my opinion, is awesome.  There was very little senseless violence, only one use of a bad word (which, comedically, was on point).

However, the whole thing just felt like a giant set up of the Justice League movie the studio recently announced – while holding its own.

Is it worth watching more than once?


I am not the biggest Superman fan.  He just seems to be a Mary Sue and that irritates me.  Enough to hate on him?

Heck no.

This whole movie, so many people (including Batman) just outright hate on Superman.

And that hurt my poor, sensitive heart.

Clark is torn between Lois and Superman.  This causes issues, obviously.

But, I could have done without a couple scenes to have at least 6 seconds of someone outright praising Superman for being such a cool dude.

Batman was a bit different this movie.  He is buff and classy and smart and what Batman should actually be.


I think a lot of people are having a problem with Ben Affleck because he is so drastically different from Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and Christian Bale.  Personally, Ben Affleck looks and behaves like Batman from Batman: The Animated Series.

And that is definitely a good thing.

It works.

Superman: Is she with you?
Batman: I thought she was with you.

Now, Wonder Woman.

I am a big Wonder Woman fan – actually most female superheroes that still retain their femininity are worthy of my fan-ness…

Wonder Woman is not really introduced until over halfway through the film despite her alter-ego Diana Prince being present from practically the beginning.  Diana says little and just walks around in a pretty dress.

Ah, the feminist inside me loved and hated that.

On a happier note, there are TONS of easter eggs for Superman and Batman villains throughout the show.  Some are more obvious than others (the stupid Riddler one escaped me until the second time I watched the movie and, even then, someone had to point it out to me).

Final verdict: it is definitely worth at least one watch.

Grab some popcorn, refresh your Justice League comics, take a friend, and go watch Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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