lost a part

I’ve always been a reader.

My earliest memories are those of grand adventures and sword fights and mysteries.

Yet, since I’ve started to become more of an adult, I seen to be missing some part of myself that enjoys reading.

I can read blog posts and the occasional fan fiction, but not a book.

I’ve tried.

Is my attention span too small?

Or did I just grow up too fast?

2 thoughts on “lost a part

  1. Maybe you just haven’t found the book (or type of books) you liked well enough.
    But in any case, I don’t think its a terrible thing. We live in an age where there is plenty of video and audio media that can provide either entertainment or education or both. So. meh.

    And this from someone who has read a lot. Its not some magical pinnacle of wonderfulness to read more. Its just a form of entertainment and knowledge acquisition. Other methods are available.

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  2. I suffer exactly the same problem – I spent hours reading crap on the internet, but hardly ever read books any more – which is ridiculous, because I love books.

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