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My sister posts stuff about NightVale.

My girlfriends post nail art and DIYs.

That guy on Tumblr blogs about depression.

That YouTuber talks about her anxiety.

My father is online.

The girl next door pins kidnapping stories on Pinterest.

My brother watches YouTube videos.

My mother posts random political things.

That other guy does paintings and sells them online.

I am online.

We, as a race, are connected to the world far more than we have ever been.

Our eyes are more open.

We see suffering.

We see emotions.

We see love.

We see death.

I look around the internet and see humans.  Humans with all their flesh-and-blood.  Those bleeding, understanding, emotional hearts.

I look around my campus.

I look around my church.

I look around the supermarket.

I see humans

and no humanity.

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