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Why is there a post about celebrating the New Year now?
My life is a lie!
Yes, yes it is!
Most people, around December and the early parts of January, are very focussed on the “new year, new you” sentiment.
They look back at the year that’s wrapping up and they say nice things and then a sweet goodbye at 11:59PM.
Then, they begin working towards checking off things from the list they created the week (or even day) before.
The thing is, I find New Year’s resolutions to be stupid. Because you are, essentially, setting yourself up for failure.
We all know that losing weight, learning a new language and quitting smoking are very difficult things to do.
The number one thing on my list last year was to keep a journal. And, I found that it was easier yo keep a scheduler than an actual journal because I internalize most of my problems.
Don’t become another statistic!
I changed a lot in the last year and, around the last week of December, it occurred to me that this last year really sucked. There were a lot of good things…
I actually got healthier.
I started to actually grow into my body which has taken way too long.
I actually stated to accept myself.
But there was an overabundance of bad things.
None of which I am going to list.
However, without the bad things, the good things would not have happened – at least in such a way as they happened.
I totally lost my train of thought.
So, instead of making a New Year’s Resolution List, I, instead, looked back at this last year and asked myself what held me back and what can I do this next year to stop those things from holding me back this year.
*Sarcastically overexcited*(I’m still working on that list.)
2015 opened a lot of doors for me.
I refined my music taste a lot.
I actually got a little bit of fashion sense.
I changed my major from something I really didn’t want to do to art.
I had the first really healthy romantic relationship I have had since I started dating.
I started getting help for my anxiety.
There were many, many other things that, one after the other, piled on top of each other made 2015 really cool.
And a lot better than 2014.
And, yes, many, many, many bad things happened.
But, I persevered.
The person I was in 2014 would not have been able to survive 2015.
So, thanks 2015.
It was fun, but it also sucked.
2016, I’m really looking forward to growing even more this year.
Thank you all so much for checking out this video! if you liked it, please hit like. And, if you liked it a lot, please comment below with some of your favorite moments from 2015 and what you’re looking forward to this next year.

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