New Year’s Resolutions

It has been my belief that starting my New Year’s Resolutions a month before the end of the year is the most effective way to accomplish them.  Meaning, by the time the new year rolls around, they are already a habit.

  • Spend only 30 minutes a day on Facebook
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • start eating healthy
  • Learn French
  • Blog post every other day
  • keep a journal
  • keep a planner updated daily
  • Youtube video twice a week every other week
  • make more friends
  • Learn the basic beliefs of every major religion
  • Proper dental care
  • Use more “$30” and “$50” words
  • Start bugeting
  • go on a road trip
  • Stop chewing nails
  • Read a book every week
  • Finish Book of Zedrick
  • grow my eyebrows out so can get them professionally done
  • drink more water (lots)
  • use lotion more
  • volunteer at the animal shelter
  • clean out Facebook friend list
  • 30 minutes of exercise every day
  • minimalize
  • make an “ultimate music playlist”
  • get rid of books will never read again
  • the Color Run
  • Hike with friends (get friends that hike)
  • meet James A. Owen

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