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Rule #17: the less you give a damn, the happier you will be

I sit here, at my desk, listening to Christmas music, sipping chai tea from a Marauder’s Map mug, and procrastinating even more on a paper I should have finished ages ago.

Simultaneously as I write this post, I worry about which new laptop I should invest in and kick myself for keeping awake until 3:45 this morning while I began minimalism-ing my room.

My phone dings. My heart races as I look down, again disappointed it isn’t that person.  Yet, I must keep reminding myself that the people who are speaking to me are really the ones that actually matter – the ones that truly care.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  And, while that one family member was not there, the questions he always asks me with such a condescending look on his face still flitted through my mind.

“So, another year, achieved anything yet?”

My GPA is crap, if that’s an accomplishment.

“Art is such a pointless occupation, but, it is fitting for you.”

Fitting?  Yes, I happen to be doing rather well.  It is a very competitive field, thank you very much.

“Did you gain weight? You look different.”

And it never occurred to you that, perhaps, I look different because I’m actually taking care of myself now?

Alas, these words still pierce me.

Shot to the heart and you’re too late.

But, here’s to a new year.  A year of hope and joy.  A year of minimalizing and simplifying my life.


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