20-Something · bettering self · encouragement · insecurities

DSCN0069I don’t always feel pretty or witty or clever or smart. In fact, I rarely do.

I’ve got a lower belly pooch, a low GPA, I’ll never look like a supermodel, my eyes are too small, my eyebrows too thin, my lips too flat, my cheekbones too high, I’ve got a temper, I don’t like to study, I’m lazy, can’t really handle a romantic relationship, and I’m scatterbrained.

But, it isn’t about that.

It is about how you are the only you that exists or will ever exist in the history of the universe. God created one you and He did that for a reason.DSCN0073

Yes, I struggle with anxiety and depression, but I’ve acknowledged the problem and am doing what I can to fix it.  I have to accept that is a part of who I am.  After accepting that, it becomes easier to be happy.

Happiness in and of itself is a very fluid concept.

Are you being yourself or a copy of someone else you admire?

I may want to look like Clemence Poesy.  I may admire Sherlock Holmes and Elizabeth Bennet.  Wish for friendships like the Three Musketeers and Holmes and Watson.  Want to be as confident as Clara Oswald.

But, none of those things would be me.  None of me would matter if any of that other stuff even magically appeared in my life.  It isn’t me.

Life is about discovering who you are and being proud of it.

Be the best you can be.

Happy Travels!

P.S. Here’s a cool video you may enjoy:

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