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Autumn is Here

Autumn is here and the cool weather has my brain thinking.

Fall is my favorite time of the year.  It is filled with adventures and hot chocolate, sweaters and long hikes.

Abigail KeenanCoffee shops and homework.  Change and cold, uncomfortable breezes whistling through untidy hair.

A classic example of the chronic condition of the 20-something.

The colors look different.  Sometimes, the 20-something sees them differently than anyone else.  Seeing colors in a different way is okay.

Fall is the time for change and excitement.

Spring is for new beginnings.



Well, all the time, everything seems to be scary.  Everything is so different, everything is vital and seemingly deadly at the same time.

It is.

But, those coffee shop moments and the hikes, the pictures with friends, the hot chocolate steam, the falling leaves…  These are the days you will remember for the rest of your life.

Make these days count.  These moments will not last all that long.

download5But, these days are not all hot chocolate moments.  They are bittersweet, full of drama and questions.  Basically, very similar to a mid-life crises, but at the prime of your life.

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