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there is a que for coffee

We, as a species, have a tendency to rely on external factors for our happiness.  This means everything from what movies are coming out to what Molly said about that one thing to what we are having for dinner to what the Kardashians are up to….

Lately, I’ve noticed that my attitude for the day relies on the amount of caffeine I get into my body in the first couple hours after I wake up.  Now, my schedule for the past couple weeks (and this next semester) is extensively busy so the caffeine keeps me going.

I can use this as an excuse, but, a couple days ago, I did not have any caffeine.  At all.  Unfortunately, my day went downhill very quickly despite the fact that I was visiting my grandmother.

It was not a conscious thing, it just happened.  I’ve been relying on that coffee to run me and my life, but it isn’t healthy.

Today, I had no coffee.

I feel better.

I’ve decided that whatever is stressing me out doesn’t need to.

I can handle it.

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