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i despise being put into a niche

people have been telling me lately how hipster i am

This has been happening for a while.

“You practically are a hipster – look, you dress that way already.”

“What do you mean hipsters are weird, aren’t you one?”

“So, people who aren’t hipsters listen to that?”

“You’re totally hipster, man, I love it!”

Honestly, I was a bit insulted at first.

I mean, think about the bad rap that hipsters get.

Then, I started noticing things.

It isn’t that I am self-aware or anything, but I’m starting to get the feeling that my ironic sense of humor and desire to always be into things no one else has even heard of is getting me into trouble.

I may, or may not, have decided that being hipster is something I can run with.

Not only do I like to be into things that are totally random (and just generally awesome), but I like to be into them before anyone else.  And as soon as anyone else gets into that thing I am ready to leave that thing alone and move on to the next thing.

It’s great.

But, why do I have to be a hipster?

HIPSTER, a definition:  People who enjoy clothing, music, food and activities considered to be outside of the social mainstream.

A Coffee drinking, novel reading, wayfarer wearing, oxford obsessing girl/guy who often will pretend to know everything about anything in pop culture spanning from the 1920’s to now. Subsequently, they will pretend also not to like everything and anything in pop culture from the 1920’s to now.

May be seen wearing over sized or undersized, (but never the right sized)t shirt, which will undoubtedly be advertising some sort of movie that no one knows of and or band that know one knows of/likes.

Most of them will say they ‘get’ where the wild things are.

If you do not watch the Oscars they hate you. If you do watch the oscars they hate you.

Why can’t I be a chic, boho, nerdy hipster, classy lady who is generally awesome, sometimes funny, and loves photography and blogging?

Why does anyone have to fit into a category of any kind or sort?

Why do I have to fit into a category?

Let’s take a look at my size, for one.  I’m not fat and I’m not thin.  Why does society seem to think that my size doesn’t exist?

Hell, I’m making a new category.

Don’t know what it is yet, but I’ll let you know.

If I want to be vegan, let me be vegan.  But, don’t be mad when I eat a candy bar.  I’m not the category you want me to be.

Peace, out.

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