frozen · rant

Just to set the record straight here: I do not dislike the movie “Frozen.”
It was a good film that I watched twice.
I enjoyed it both times that I watched it.
I do not feel the need to either watch it again or sing any of the songs for these reasons:
1. The fans and publicity for the film made it out to be this great film that was better than any other Disney film ever made. (What?)
2. It has been almost 2 years and I still hear “Let it Go” played on the radio or new covers being made for it on YouTube (and they all act like it is this song is a new thing that has never been heard before).
3. As someone who followed the progress of the movie as well as any fan could, I was disappointed with the end result as far as the plot is concerned. Did you know that Disney has been working on “Frozen” since the 1960s? The original plot was based off of a Norwegian myth about a queen who builds her realm up with her magic snow powers.
4. Practically every time I mention that I just don’t get the hype, someone jumps down my throat to tell me how horrible it is that I don’t like the film. And then I get a lecture from that person how “Frozen” is the greatest thing ever…blahblahblah.
5. I’m still waiting for a Disney movie to be set in the mid-1870s to early 1900s – and to have it done in impressionist style. Now, THAT is a film worth waiting 50 years for.
6. Fans of the “Frozen” movie tend to be a bit “hipster” about the film… “Frozen is the first Disney film to_________” fill in the blank.
7. I was asked if I liked the film and I said, “It was okay. I’d rather watch Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty or Tangled if I was given a choice.” You’d have thought I started WWIII!
So, it isn’t that I hate “Frozen,” I’m just tired of all the hype. It seems like fans treat the other Disney princess movies like they were trash. Some of those films helped people through difficult times…or gave kids dreams that the adult versions still cling to.
Just be respectful.

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