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What is the Difference between Happy and Safe?

“It is time for you to figure out if you are living in the real world, or something less,” Greer slammed her hand on the table, looking into Zion’s eyes. “Are you living or just existing?” Her voice softened, but her eyes never left Zion’s face, “We live every day as if everything revolves around us and we never stop think what we might revolve around. In the whole of creation – from beginning to end – our lives are so short they mean nothing… if we don’t make an effort to do something.”

Until about 7 months ago, I was content with just existing. I rolled with whatever happened and whatever hit me. Sure, I was1467437_10155672174805304_9497690866394490_n not the happiest of people, but the illusion was so good I was fooled into thinking that I was happy.

10409396_10155672177225304_611135684595495373_nIt is my personal opinion that people confuse “happy” with “safe.” Your comfort zone may be safe, but are you truly the person you can be when you live in that comfort zone?

Yes, hiding behind social anxiety was safe. Nobody judged me when I didn’t want to go do things, nobody judged me when I didn’t want to hang out.

But, it wasn’t until I realized that certain mindsets and certain people in my life were holding me back.

Sometimes you have to burn that bridge. Sometimes you have to break out of that shell and do something scary.

I can’t tell you how cool it was to go to “Cinderella” all by myself. Every movie I had gone to the year and a half before that I had had this shackle (or person, you know, whichever works for you). Getting rid of that shackle was the greatest and bravest thing I have ever done (it sucked for a long time – thank goodness for awesome Resident Directors!).

I can’t tell you how awesome I feel having now changed my degree to Graphic Design.

I can’t tell you how scared I was to go to SoDaCon, but I met some AWESOME people! I’ve changed in ways I did not expect, but I feel awesome!  I have met so many different kinds of people that I did not know existed!  I have so many stories and tales of awesome to share, but I am still somewhat scared to blog about it…

The Riddler is fabulous!  (I spent far longer on this costume than I had intended but it turned out really well, I think.)
The Riddler is fabulous! (I spent far longer on this costume than I had intended but it turned out really well, I think.)

What is holding you back? What are you doing that is preventing you from being to youest you you can be?

My friend Krystina is a fabulous 10th Doctor!!

Why are you scared to do something scary?

Comment to let me know your opinion!!!

Optimism is a scary road.  Optimism is terrifying.  Optimism hurts.

But, as much as it hurts to be optimistic, there is always something more awesome down the road!

Have a bad day?  Hey, tomorrow will be better!

Friend is rude?  Hey, there are other people to be friends with!

Remember:  1518115_10155665243645304_6415553323697006532_nEvery day above ground is a good day!

Sometimes Safe isn’t happy!

Break out and RULE!

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