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MARVEL movies have some aspects that I don’t like…

such as those awful Toby McGuire SPIDERMAN films (the first one wasn’t that bad, but the rest were…ick),
the lack of Carol Danvers in the second Captain America film (or ULTRON either,
the ending the IRON MAN 3…
basically the whole plot of IRON MAN 3,
I don’t particularly like how they cast stars for these roles (Scarlet is, I think, not the best Black Widow they could have cast, but she’s okay)… a new face would be nice once in a while,
and that CAPTAIN MARVEL won’t come out until 2018 which most likely means that neither Carol Danvers or Captain Mar-Vell will be in CIVIL WAR (which…I absolutely hate more than I hate the 3rd SPIDERMAN film).
However, it is just a film series. They are fun, they really are, but it is all just a movie (confession: I write Captain Marvel and Captain America fanfiction and plan on going to San Diego Comic-Con as Captain Marvel).
Yeah, I used to read Dad’s old comics. He had everything from Iron Man to Captain America to Hawkeye to X-Men… he has everything except Ant Man.
I love MARVEL stuff.
I love it.
Joss Whedon (you troll, sir -_-) got rid of his twitter because of how mean fans were being about the death of Quicksilver, the relationship with Hawkeye and his wife, and the relationship between HULK and Black Widow.

  1. To the casual viewer, Quicksilver is dead. No questions asked. We saw him die. We also saw Coulson die (he got stabbed, man, right in the ol’ thumper, too). Guess what? Joss brought him back. There were no riots in the streets. Nobody (to speak of) was angry at Joss for killing Coulson. Why are we mad about Quicksilver? He’s coming back, guys. Read the comics. It’s all going to be okay until Captain America dies and then we can riot.

(Somehow, it started to smell like HYPOCRISY in here!)

2. Hawkeye gives so much to the AVENGERS and he gave so much to SHIELD. Can’t you guys be happy that he’s happy? C’mon, the guy is going to have such a horrible time in CIVIL WAR… let him be happy! So, your favorite pairing didn’t happen, it’s okay. He’s happy and has kids, it’s all good.
3. Let’s just clear this up. DEEP BREATH. In the comics, Black Widow is paired with every AVENGER except Tony Stark and Bruce Banner (even SPIDERMAN… BLACK WIDOW AND SPIDERMAN is a legit thing!). Let’s give poor Bruce a chance, man. He, like HAWKEYE, has had a horrible time of it. Also, Black Widow paired with HULK saves us (the viewers) the heartache of NEXT AVENGERS (or NEW AVENGERS, I forget which one is the kids of the Avengers and which one is the one where Carol Danvers replaces Captain America after he dies – they are both traumatic, but good reads).
If you want to know why that is so bad, read the NEXT (or NEW) AVENGERS comics.
It’s bad, trust me.
I don’t see why we nerds and geeks and fans have to be so mean.

If I want to ship Carol Danvers and Steve Rogers or
Gamora and Peter Quill or
Steve Rogers with Peggy Carter’s granddaughter or
Castiel and Dean or
the twelfth Doctor and Clara or
Obi-Wan and Shak-Ti,
I don’t want someone to jump down my throat about it.

I want to ship in peace.
Let’s let Joss ship in peace. He’s just creating another alternate universe to the already hundreds of alternate universes in the MARVEL universe.
It will all end in tears, anyway.
Let’s just be nice fans that Joss, Stan Lee, our mothers, and Captain America would be proud of.
Geeks and nerds and fans already are facing so much hate from the rest of the world. They don’t understand how we are fangirls and fanboys. They bully us. They beat us. They put us down because our love for these things is “no good in the real world.” They corner us and steal our lunch money.
Why are we doing that to ourselves?

Why do I have to explain to both other nerds and geeks AND to the rest of the world.  I have your back, have mine!

Let’s be a team!!
Let’s stop. Let’s agree to get along. Let’s agree to stand together. If we lose, we will lose together. We will be a team to the very end.
Isn’t that what we should be?

References for you nerds 🙂

How Age of Ultron Sets up MARVEL PHASE 3


AGE OF ULTRON ending scene

I missed LOKI in ULTRON, did you?

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