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What are you doing?

Today, I saw a picture and an attached status that brought tears to my eyes.
As some of you know, a friend of mine was killed in a car accident about three years ago.
She was a wonderful person. She brought so much joy to everyone. She was always so excited.
There were many thing Emily did for me that have taken me a long time to realize that she did. She showed me that, despite all my insecurities, God still loved me. I had no reason to be ashamed of myself if God loved me. She inspired me to keep learning the guitar.
She did many things. She helped many, many people.
Then, she was gone. I would never be able to call her again. I would never receive an encouraging Facebook message from her. Her friends would never speak to her again.
A few years prior to that one of my best friends killed herself. She had been struggling to deal with her depression and just gave in. She never talked about it.
But, Katrina did many things. She was an amazing photographer. She danced. She loved running. She always had a smile for everyone.
Then, she was gone. Her brother would come back from Afghanistan, wanting to see her and never being able to tell her anything. She would never make flower mobiles with her sister.
You never know when God is going to take you. He could take you Home right now. What things have you left unsaid? What have you not done? How will people remember you? Whose life could you make better?

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