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there’s been a lot happening lately

I figured I could break protocol and give you all an update about my life right now.

I have been super stressed by everything.

Literally, everything.

I changed my major.  I am really stressed because this means that I am a whole year behind.  But, I also enjoy my classes with this new major.

A friend and I are planning to move to the west coast when I graduate.  That adds stress because my mother is dead set on not letting me even consider moving there.

My weight has been a real pressure, but my new yoga regimen is helping massively.

In one of my classes, the professor kind of picks on one of the international girls who has a hard time with the out-of-date English language that we are using in the class.  Not only do I have to help her, but I also have to keep my grades up.

I am really having a difficult time coming up with the money I am going to need for next semester and the semester after that.

Also, I broke up with my boyfriend three weeks ago.  I think I just do not feel bad enough about it.  I should be broken up, torn apart.  But, I do not.  I just feel angry at him.  Yeah, we spent the last few months of our relationship fighting, but…gosh.

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