College Tip: Dorm Room

The dorm life is, perhaps, the #1 factor to how happy you are at school.  Your relationship with the other people on your floor, as well as the organization of your room, and what activities take place in your room are key to your happiness and contentedness at your college.

It is very important to form and keep relationships with your neighbors.

Personally, I learned this one the hard way.

I am a extroverted introvert which basically means that my getting-out-and-about-with-friends was virtually nonexistent, but I was afraid to go anywhere alone.  So, the first few weeks of my Freshman year were pretty much spent in my room doing homework, at the gym, out walking, or at work.  The amount of drama I got dragged into because I was dubbed the “only nice, impartial person on the floor” was absolutely ridiculous.

Getting your name and face out there is vital, as well as setting your morals out there so others can see that you will not tolerate certain things is necessary for your survival.  If you make your stand clear and you will not back down for anything, people will respect you and your boundaries.

Do not let people drag their bad attitudes and complaining and icky stuff into your room – go to their room or go for a walk (this is the suggested one, it gets you moving!).  I am an avid believer that the more negative vibes that are allowed in a room, the more distracting the atmosphere becomes (I learned this one, too).

It is very difficult, but the benefits outweigh the social pain!

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