Why Do We Want What We Want?

I was sitting, listening to the “Into the Woods” soundtrack for the 10th time in the past three days, drinking my chai tea, worrying about life… when something occurred to me.

We all want something.  Kait wants to be able to do art freely, pass her teacher’s test, and visit New Orleans before she graduates.  Lina wants to stop smoking and get a good boyfriend.  Vanessa wants a to learn English and get a job.  I want to be liked by everyone, learn French, and be able to wear whatever I want without feeling awkward.

But, what are the consequences?

Why do we want what we want?

Who do we blame if things do not go the way we think they should go?

If you have not yet seen “Into the Woods,” you need to stop everything right now and watch it.  Not only do the characters stick to their originals, they teach some of the same lessons.

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