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Constructive Criticism

“I changed my major to Graphic Design,” I say to someone in one of my old classes.

“Ah,” they say.  “That is not quite as good as your old major, now is it?”  They then feel the need to inform me that my new major will leave me dependant on others and it won’t be as effective as the jobs my old major would have gotten me.

It is very hard not to take someone’s words to heart.

Changing your life is sometimes up to one, small decision.  You feel confident after making that decision – you feel happier, healthier.

Then, someone comes along to burst your bubble of happiness.  Saying things like: “That’s not you.” “Why are you doing THAT?”  “What happened to you?”  “That isn’t very smart.”  “What you were doing before was so much better.”

They think they are being helpful, but what they are actually doing is causing more drama for you.

Sometimes, the points these people bring up are good.  My parents were so abject to me getting a degree in Graphic Design that they suggested everything from Psychology to Teaching.  In those talks we had, I realized that I have some other talents that would fit really well in another section of Graphic Design that I never would have thought of before.

Constructive criticism is a good thing, but those who give it need to be considerate.  I’ve overheard conversations where someone thinks they are being so super helpful, but they are really just tearing down someone’s dreams.

Have a great day, guys!

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