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The Magnificent Professor

There is this one professor that everyone that has taken his class hates. He’s old, deaf, strict as heck, and makes lame jokes.
But, I find myself enjoying his classes. He is tactful, pleasant, an excellent philosopher, a great teacher, and, most importantly, he never says there is one correct answer.
Dr. McEwan is one of those people I admire. He doesn’t jump down your throat if he asks you a question and you get it wrong – he turns the question around and says that what you said might work, but how’s this for a different answer.  When he grades papers, he says “Great job, BUT you need to fix this and this. THEN it will be magnificent.”
He does not tear people down. He understands that everyone is different. He accepts the multitude of different cultures and changes to be better understood.
We need more Dr. McEwans in this world. I think it would be a happier place.

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