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Where did respect for others go?

I make no secret of being a Christian.  I am a Christian.  I do not really say anything about it.  I don’t really go to church. I live my life being as kind and empathetic as I can possibly be. And I fail sometimes.  I fail a lot.  I’m not perfect.

I do not say anything about how I am a Christian because it is not my place to say anything to anyone about my faith.  If they want to know, they will ask.

But, I do not attend church regularly.  This is not only because I am a college student with very little free time, but, also, because it is my personal opinion that Christians as a whole are very judgmental, stubborn, and irritable. There are a few that stand out and make up for everyone else, but what does everyone else see?  I do not want to be sucked into this “anti-gay” “no sex before marriage” thing.  I do not want to be put on the same level as the people who say gays should die.

I try to live as Jesus would have me live: peacefully loving everyone equally – no exceptions.

Because of this, I really struggle when people suddenly find out that I am a Christian and they start being mean because they now think that I think they are evil. (Once, a gal I had worked with for months and was openly gay, heard me talking to another friend about church and ripped me up and down for 30 minutes because I was vile and evil for being a Christian.  Another time, a wiccan friend found out I was a Christian and he hates me now – even though we had been very good friends.)

I was a part of an online group for writers who are currently working on a book/novel/short story/screenplay in the science fiction genre. It was fun to read and comment and help other people.

Lately, a couple (or three) people kept changing any and every topic into a conversation about religion. Now, it was not necessarily anything bad – just things like “Christians should stop complaining about incest and read their own Bible to see how much incest is in it” “If hell is real, all Catholics are going to hell” “Christians are ********” “Christians need to stop complaining” “Christians are two-faced.”

It was starting to get on my nerves.

Today, a conversation on how incestual thoughts should be presented in the first person turned into a “how evil and two-faced Christians are” conversation.
I commented (knowing that an admin was online and monitoring the thread) saying that I no longer felt that the conversation was helpful to the question and how I felt my religion was being hated on. I don’t hate on them, they shouldn’t hate on me.

These three people (and the admin) came back to my comment to tell me how evil I was for being a Christian and how their comments weren’t “hate on Christians.”

These sorts of things drive me nuts.  They can be two-faced and lie, but I am not allowed to?  I, a-college-student-that-is-not-even-20-years-old, am not allowed to say that something they say hurts because my religion is evil, but they can get a post about someone’s scene in which an athiest is the bad guy?

Rant over.

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