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healthy and happy

Staying healthy is one of the hardest things to do – especially in college.  It is so very easy to just sit back and not do anything.  Kinda reminds me of New Years Resolutions… we start out so good and then slowly slip back into old habits.

Unfortunately for someone like me, health is the same as happiness.  I used to be anorexic.  See, from a young age I was told that I needed to watch my weight due to some genetic health issues made worse by being overweight.

When I turned 13 the combination of my metabolism being really out of whack and the bullying I was going through, caused a gain of 150lbs in two years.

When I was 15, I realized that the reason I felt so awful was because of my weight (on top of that I felt an obligation to weigh as little as possible) and starved myself for almost two years.

Then, my grandfather, closely followed by my aunt and my best friend passed away.  I started stress eating.

I realize that I need to be happy with who I am.  I may have to tone my tummy and work on losing some weird back fat, but that is who I am.

If I chose to eat vegetarian or vegan or diet or whatever to get there that should be fine, right?  Choose the healthy way.  Vegan does not work for everyone.  Neither does vegetarian (a lot of times, beginner vegetarians will binge on sweets because of what their body is craving).

I could feel the old habit of stress eating coming back…then I found a magical song. It made me think: what if all of this is up to me?

Holy ****!!  Yes, it is!

So, to motivate myself (and hopefully you guys, too) I have made this:

Go to bed early.

Wake up early.

Do some morning stretches/exercises.

Walk (don’t drive) with a friend.

Always pick the activity that will energize you.

Choose healthy over quick. Those gummi bears may look awesome, but the celery or crackers may be better!

Ask your doctor.  This sounds like a corny commercial, but I am serious.  If you are having trouble with your weight or staying healthy consult your doctor – they are the most knowledgeable people in that area (not Jillian Michaels).  You may discover that it is a simple metabolism problem (easy fix: green tea) or it may be something more serious.

Never, ever starve yourself.  Ever.  You will cause so many more problems, just trust me.

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