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The Door

IMAGE: found on pinterest. no link was available. if you know whose image this is, please let me know so I may credit them.

A door is a portal to another room.

It is also a gateway to something new.  It does not matter if you have been through that same door before, something new and different is in that room.

I spent way too much for and after Christmas this year.  I bought books, clothes, more books, art supplies…

I also changed my major to Graphic Design.

Rearranged and cleaned my room.

Started waking up at 7:30 instead of 8:00.

Drinking Chai tea first thing.

And turning on my “Morning + Happy” 8tracks station so that I can rock out to the beats of happy.

Boy, I can tell you that my life is so much cleaner, healthier…

I had to walk through a very scary and intense door to get where I am right now.  What waited for me was happiness.  It is worth it, friends…so worth it!

We are always afraid to do something new – I know how scary that is.  But, when we gather the courage to cross that threshold, what waits for us is greater and clearer and happier than anything we had before.

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