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Habits of YOU

Behaving like a princess is work. It’s not just about looking beautiful or wearing a crown. It’s more about how you are inside.
Julie Andrews

a52eaafce66756a5a1a0e188d5d63722I’ve spent so much time wanting to BE something other than myself that I have lost so much of me that I often wake up wondering who I am.

What I am is a college student with dreams of being something and someone great that can help and inspire others.  A kid from the Midwest who likes to travel.  A girl trying to fit in.

Nothing else.

Or is that really it?

A friend told me the other day that I remind them of a princess.

Princess: someone who has endured some hardship and comes out of it with grace, kindness, compassion, etc.

A lot of people look at me (even those who know me) and say that I have not had my fair share of hardship.  It is something I have taken for granted, I did not think of these things as hardship – merely things that happened to me.  I could either deal with them or wallow in it.  I chose to deal with it and move on.

Does that make me a strong person?

I honestly have no idea.  I’m far from graceful, I can be hot-tempered and irritable at times, I’m kind as long as I am in a tolerant mood, I’m innocent (that goes without saying), but I am compassionate to a fault.  My compassion has gotten me into more messes than I would care to admit.

Is it not a shame that, in this society, we girls need someone else to tell us who we really are?

Who are YOU?  What is in your heart and soul that needs to come out and reveal itself?  What is it that you are holding back from the world… from yourself?

Do you feel lost?

Change something.  Just one thing.  Right now.  Make it a daily habit.  A daily change.

Start drinking tea for breakfast instead of coffee.  Walk to work instead of driving.  Watch the news from a different station.  Eat a salad instead of your regular lunch (visa versa).  Make a card.  Email a friend you haven’t talked to in ages.  Get a pen pal.  Read a book.  Knit a scarf.  Buy some new clothes.  Help your elderly neighbor.  Babysit for someone.  Paint a picture.

There are so many things you can do to instigate change.


Change the world one step at a time.

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