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Budgeting for College (Food Edition)

Now, I have this horrible thing that I like to call almost-anorexia.  Some days, if my friends or I am not paying attention, I will not eat a thing.  Other days, I’m fine.

As someone who dealt with an eating disorder for close to two years, food is a rather touchy subject for me and, if I don’t watch myself, I slip back into that dangerous habit.  However, I learned things during my first year and a half in college as far as food goes and I’m glad I learned them.

  • Know your routine

Do you eat regular meals at regular times or irregular times?  Or, do you eat tiny meals and then snack?  Do your class times not leave much time for lunch and breakfast?

Eating at regular intervals is best for your digestive system and best for your body.  If your mind and body know that you will eat at noon, they will gently remind you when it is time to eat.  Same goes for the other times of the day.

Snacking is a dangerous thing to do unless you have been blessed with the self-control of Ghandi.  A good trick I have seen is to separate your snacks by time and by day in little baggies.

If your class times do not allow for a sit-down meal, a good idea would be to pack those meals into your backpack and then eat during class.  NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU I PROMISE.  I have friends who have to do that all the time and there is no judgement – we all have to do it at one point or another.

  • Know your preferences

Do not just buy food because it is cheap – buy stuff you will actually eat.

  • Set aside money for food

It doesn’t really need to be a huge amount – just $15 a week works (or even less depending on what your preferences are).

It is difficult, trust me, but it will be worth it!!

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