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We Are Not What We ‘Post’ To Be

After a week-long hiatus, I was browsing facebook and happened upon a selfie by a friend I have known for some months.  Her hair was curled and she probably had a quarter-inch worth of makeup on.  The first thing I could think of was: gosh, that does not even look like her.

Who was this girl I was looking at?

I decided to be snoopy and look through her photos.  She had deleted all except the past few weeks where the photos were all with the same makeup, the same angle, but different days and different clothes.  She had such positive comments like, “You look soooooo pretty!”  “Aren’t you a doll!”

But, the girl in those pictures was not the girl I knew.  The personality was gone.  The picture was so… fake.  There was no light in her eyes, no smile on her lips – just an image of someone I did not know.

I went to another friend’s picture section.  This isn’t her, was the only thing I could think of.  Where’s the girl who likes to ride horses and get dirty?  The girl who loves to laugh and is always the first to get dirt in her nails?

Why is what we post of ourselves online such a polished, make-upped, fake version of what is so real?

Why does everything seem so perfect online?

We dress up our faces.  Clean our rooms. Show our best side.  Force a smile.  Take a picture.

Then the makeup comes off.  The room becomes a mess again.  The best side is hidden.  A deadpan replaces the smile.

The problems are all still there.

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