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Budgeting Yourself for College (Fashion Edition)

The goal for fashion whether you are in college or not is to spend the least amount and have the most versatility. You will find the picture here. Unfortunately, some of the items listed below are not in the picture due to time and data restraints.

Let’s talk about fashion.

There are hundreds of different types of style, but there is only one you.

No matter what career you are going into, there is a certain standard of professionalism that is required of a person and making a good impression is one of them.  The people you will meet in college are potential bosses, co-workers, and references that you will need in later life.  If you dress professionally, carry yourself in a self-respecting manner, people will catch on to that and you will stand out of a crowd.

I will talk about each of these items and their purpose st the end of the list.

Let’s break it down.


  • chambray button-up
  • white button-up
  • black button-up
  • patterned or colored button-up
  • white short-sleeve shirt
  • black short-sleeve shirt
  • graphic tee
  • black tank top
  • white tank top
  • patterned or colored tank top


  • gray sweater
  • colored sweater (fitted or loose)
  • oversized hoodie
  • fitted hoodie (preferably patterned)


  • black blazer
  • camel/beige/colored blazer
  • leather jacket
  • oversized jacket


  • black or subtle color peacoat and/or dress coat
  • camel trench coat


  • black dress
  • sweaterdress
  • fun pattern dress


  • black pencil skirt
  • colored (same color as colored blazer) pencil skirt
  • fun skirt


  • medium wash and dark wash bootcut
  • medium wash flare
  • dark wash and light wash skinny
  • black dress pants


  • patterned sweatpants
  • lounge pants
  • workout tops
  • pajama tops


  • nude and colored and black flats
  • gladiator sandals or flip-flops
  • white and/or camel oxfords
  • gray/colored keds (or ked knock-offs)
  • colored heels
  • black heels
  • brown ankle boots
  • neutral boots


  • canvas backpack
  • hats that fit your face shape
  • beanies

I am going to work from the top down.

Let’s talk button-ups.

Button-up shirts are not only considered a must-have for a professional wardrobe, they also make every body shape look amazing!  I listed black, white, chambray, and colored or patterned because these are just the basics and the most versatile – if you want to expand or minimize, more power to you!  Button-ups can be styled in multiple ways – be creative!!  (If you need inspiration,  has some good fashion ideas!)

Let’s talk tees and blouses.9bd06d7865e7a3d794e4fdf7121d894c

T-shirts can’t be fashionable, right?  If done the wrong way, sure, I guess… but tees are amazing for layering and the most comfortable during warmer weather.

Blouses are also very important even though I did not list any above.  Blouses are a bit more difficult to style and are really dependent on your preferences – just be sure they are fitted and fun!

Let’s talk tank tops.

Too often I see girls wearing tank-tops with nothing overtop.  Not only does it look slutty, it is distracting beyond words.  More people whisper and gossip about girls that wear just tank tops than about a girl with good fashion sense because one stands out more than the other.  Trust me, you do not want that kind of attention.

Tank-tops are ONLY to be worn underneath a blouse, button-up, or sweater.

About those sweaters…

Sweaters are difficult to style, but it is better to be warm than stylish.  Wearing an oversized sweater over a loose tee with jeans is not just comfortable, but fashionable as well.  Fitted sweaters are my favorite because they can be casual, party, or professional depending on what you pair it with.

Blazers and jackets and coats.

Blazers are a must for a professional wardrobe – especially a black one.  They can be dressed up or down or professionally – there really isn’t a wrong way to wear a blazer (except with shorts).  The black blazer will give, to just about any outfit, a sense of “this girl means business.  She takes care of herself.”

For fall and spring, jackets are a must because you don’t want to be too cold or too hot.  Usually camel is the best and most versatile color.

A good-fitting coat is one of the best things to have graced the planet.  They can make the most boring winter outfit look amazing.  Peacoats and dress coats are the best, but make sure they are warm!


Are dresses really necessary? Well… no.  But, a fitted black dress with tights, black heels, and a blazer is really the best go-to for an internship interview. And a fun dress is good for those hot days you’re too lazy to put on pants.


Unfortunately for some, skirts are a must – specifically a black pencil skirt.  Fun skirts and maxis are fun, too, but the black pencil skirt is NECESSARY.  You will thank me and the fashion gods that be for insisting upon that fact.

Okay…Let’s talk about jeans.

A well-fitted, tailored pair of jeans will carry you to the moon and back – and I mean this figuratively, but literally at the same time.  You could wear a well-fitted, tailored pair of jeans to a casual interview, to a TV interview, while cooking, to a party, to space, traveling….  Finding a pair of jeans that fits your body type may be difficult, but make sure you try EVERYTHING (don’t think that petites won’t fit, try it before you make any judgements).

Dress pants are a must – ’nuff said.

Workout/Sleepware speaks for itself.

a228516206f7f324caca21337bfbc649Shoes… a girl can never own enough shoes…7f91d82d3d1eb716c69a4d2857c93e84

Nude flats are versatile, as are oxfords, ankle boots, and keds – if colored correctly. I like to stick to neutral colors so that the colors all work together, but a lot of colors go together anyway I’m just not brave enough to try.

Boots are necessary for fall and winter – just make sure they are comfortable.

Black heels are also necessary, but are less versatile than the others as they really only ever dress stuff up.

There are many different kinds of shoes.  You may decide that certain kinds are more comfortable for you than others and that is certainly true.

For example, I prefer wedges to actual heels.  If I have to wear heels, I have to wear the thick ones because my balance is off.


d2abe19c6c8682d7eb050b2e6fb9f2dcHats are very important because they can often make an outfit.  I have no idea why this is, but certainly make sure that these hats fit your face shape.


Canvas back775ddc170ab5acb4bfb9ade7b88163a1packs are the strongest and best for your posture.

BUT, they are expensive.

They ARE rough.  But the price is worth it, trust me!

Another infographic that I found is one that breaks down the kinds of bags there are.  Again, make sure these bags work with your wardrobe and body type!

There is a lot I did not cover, but I hope this article on the basics was of some help!

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